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Extend the life of your roof with our

C&N Maintenance Program

Arizona is an extreme climate state.  Scheduling annual roof inspections, with regular roof maintenance, will ensure that you stay protected from costly leaks and repairs from extreme conditions.

Why our maintenance program is right for your roof

All roofs wear down over time, especially in extreme environments,  so regular roof inspections and repairs are essential to ensuring the quality of your roof. Newer and smaller roofs may be maintained within specs with a yearly inspection and cleaning.  Roofs 5 years and older should be inspected and cleaned yearly to extend the life of your current roofing system, by saving premature costs of re-roofing.

C&N Roofing provides thorough roof inspections to ensure the structural integrity of your roof  and carefully evaluate and identify areas that need repair or replacement, allowing you to better decide what maintenance plan is right for your roof.

If you need a roof inspection for your home, call us today at (602) 636-1144 or click here to schedule your inspection.  Upon completing roof inspection, C&N will offer limited warranty up to 5 years with our maintenance  plans.


How to begin: Fill out the application form completely and click send.  We will review your application and contact you with more information and instructions on obtaining financing (if needed) and scheduling  your regular maintenance.


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